1. Population and demographics:  Lagoon city or better known as Ontario’s little Venice, is the largest canal community in Canada. Here 95% of the homes are waterfront having their own dock and Lake Simcoe access. Lagoon City is primarily a retirement/recreational community of approximately 800 homes. Permanent residents make up about 75% of the population and the remainder being seasonal residents. In the recent years the demographics are changing. Boomers are moving in and purchasing property with the long term plan to make it their permanent place of residence once they retire. Moreover, the residential resort developer, Talisker Corporation of Toronto is working on a proposal to further develop the Lagoon City community. 

2. Employment: Located on Lake Simcoe, only 15 minutes away from Orillia and Casino Rama, and a 1.5 hour drive from Toronto, there are many employment opportunities. Many residents operate businesses from the comfort of their own home, and the opportunity to work from home in such a beautiful location will immeasurably add to your quality of life. Pride Marine Group is located right here in Lagoon city

3. Water levels:  The water levels in the spring reach reach to six or  eight inches below the shore walls. Water levels are controlled by dams on the Trent/Severn System Waterway and therefore there has been no flooding since the formation of Lagoon City.

4. Homeownership:  This is one of Ontario’s most exclusive water front communities and yet much more affordable than Muskoka. Lagoon City Townhomes range from $150,000 to $325,000 and for detached single family residences on a 70 x 200 foot lot, expect to pay anywhere from $275,000 to $950,000. All homes are waterfront and have their own dock.

5. Fish: Lake Simcoe is home to a variety of fish. Expect to catch: Largemouth Bass in the lagoons, Catfish, Panfish (Perch, Crappies, and Sunfish), and Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Walleyes, Muskies, Bream, and Bluegill.  The area around the marina is restricted to fishing.

6. Winter swim: In Lagoon City the cold winter days do not prevent water lovers from enjoying swimming and other water-sport activities. Make the most of your winter days with the Harbour Inn & Resort Club membership allowing you to take advantage of their heated pool and spa.

7. Tennis: There are a number of tennis courts: one court is exclusive to the Marina owners and their guests, two courts located on Paradise Blvd. are for members of the Tennis Club. The Harbour Inn courts are available to members and guests.

8. Lots: There are over 400 single family homes in phases 1 & 2. A small number of building lots are available.  All are waterfront with a dock. Utility services such as water, sewage, garbage collection, snow removal, and electricity is provided for all lots. All lots are also under police protection. 

9. Basements: All homes with the exception of some homes on the natural ridge are built without basements. Most have crawl spaces or they are built on a slab.

10. Bridges and Bridge Clearances: There are many bridges in Lagoon City.  The highest bridge clearance is about 11 feet, the rest of the bridge clearances vary between five to ten feet.

11. Schools: Public and private schools are located in nearby Brechin, only two kilometeres away. High schools are located a bit further, students are bused to Orillia. Georgian College is also located in Orillia.

12. Weather:  The weather in Lagoon City is very similar to the weather in Barrie, Ontario.  However' snow amounts are generally less than that of Barrie since barrie receives lake-effect snow from Georgian Bay. For update to date weather information, you can always check the Lagoon City Association website. 

13. Postal Service: There are a number of mail delivery locations within Lagoon City. The various townhome communities however have mail delivered to each developement. Canada Postal Service is available in Brechin.

14. Shopping:  In nearby Brechin (2 km), there is a Foodland, Canada Postal Station, LCBO, Timber Mart Lumber and Hardware Store, CIBC Bank as well as Tim Hortans, Coffee Time, Drug Store and Pizza plus Restaraunts and other eateries such as Wings. There are a number of Auto Service Centers and a storage facilitie as well. Sparlings Propane providing service to many homes in Lagoon city.